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Reaping the Rewards: Buy the Rights


This is a really fun party game, and I’d definitely recommend that you check it out.

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Buy the Rights mentioned on the Indianapolis Business Journal


Indianapolis game designer Tommy Day has released Buy the Rights: The Movie Pitching Party Game, an Apples-to-Apples-ish game in which players come up with movie ideas based on cards that determine genre, hero, plot and more...

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Buy the Rights on ‘Bower’s Game Corner’


Buy the Rights gets reviewed on Bower's Game Corner

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Buy the Rights Gets the Major Fun Award


Of all the vast multitude of party games spawned by the success of Apples to Apples ... Buy the Rights is the funniest and funnest.

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Tabletop Kickstarter Alert: ‘Buy the Rights’


With its easy rules and quick game play, along with the laughter it’s sure to generate, Buy the Rights is really a great game. I’ve backed it on Kickstarter, and I’d urge you to as well.

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Geek Thoughts – Buy The Rights


It’s not often I push a Kickstarter campaign. It’s got to be something I really like, and is being made by someone I know, locally. The most recent love of mine, I’ve had a chance to play a few times since I first learned of its existence back in July. The game is called Buy the Rights: The Movie Pitching Party Game, and it’s created by one of the original Indy Geek Bloggers (Tommy Day) and the crew at the local group, Literally Wizards.

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Former, current Ball State students create party game


Take away the R-rating of Cards Against Humanity, up the family-friendliness of Apples to Apples, throw in a movie theme and what emerges might be the biggest hit at family gatherings in 2016.

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Friends develop movie pitching party game, Buy the Rights


A nice write-up of our Kickstarter campaign from a local online and print publication.

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