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The First Public Playtest


First Public Playtest

Progress on Buy The Rights continues, this time with a very important milestone for the game; our first public playtesting event. Last night we host the game night at Rocket 88 Doughnuts in Indianapolis and ran two tables of players for a few hours, and it went very well!

This was also the first time we got to play a 100% complete version of the game. We got the latest batch of prototype cards in from PrintPlayGames and it brought the total up to 400 cards for all three of our prototypes. One table had five players and the table I ran had six, and neither table ever had to shuffle a deck the whole time, and each game lasted at least 15 rounds.


Prototype v2 Testing


Buy the Rights

playtesting intensifies

Another week, another prototype. A few days ago I received another big package from PrintPlayGames containing version 2 of the Buy the Rights prototype game. This time it’s just shy of complete by about 30 cards, but I had this version printed on their linen card stock, which is very nice. I reworded a few cards and ordered bigger boxes that are closer in size to the final version.

I had a couple of family gatherings over the weekend and took advantage of them to get some big playtests in, and they went very well! We ran several games with a very diverse group of people and everyone seemed to really enjoy the game. I also got a very funny quote from my mother that I’m very tempted to use on the Kickstarter page: