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Buy the Rights is now available at UncommonGoods!


2018 was a great year for us, and it ended with Buy the Rights becoming available on UncommonGoods! We have some even more exciting news coming soon, so stay tuned!

‘Buy the Rights’ at the Chicago Toy and Game Fair


Two weeks ago the Literally Wizards team debuted Buy the Rights at the Chicago Toy and Game Fair. We played our game with many new people, met a lot of great industry people, and had a great time! We didn’t have a lot of time to take photos because our booth was so busy, but here are a few!

Buy the Rights Photo Gallery


We received our firs manufacturer’s proof this month and we couldn’t be more excited about how it has all come together. Take a look at the photos below and let us know what you think!

We’re 50% Funded on Kickstarter!


It’s been an exciting week! Buy the Rights launched on Kickstarter on Monday the 9th, and by the following Monday we were halfway funded! The second half will be a lot harder but we’ll be busy playing the game with as many people as we can and spreading the word, so we’re confident the game will get funded. Still, we can use all the pledges and shares we can get!

Speaking of playing the game, we’ve scheduled some more events:

Buy The Rights Live!


Buy The Rights Live!

Some exciting things are in the works over here at Buy The Rights HQ! In November we’re going to be hosting the first (of many, hopefully) Buy The Rights Live! comedy events, where local comedians play our game live on stage. We have some great local talent lined up, including David Britton and Leslie Dinsmore, with more to be announced soon.

The event will also feature a great improv troupe and will alternate between the comedians playing the game and pitching their movies, and the performers acting out trailers and scenes from the imaginary movies. It will take place at the Harrison Center as part of Indianapolis’ First Fridays series, and the team is super excited about it.

We’ll be posting more announcements leading up to the event, so stay tuned! If you’re in the area, you can check out this Facebook event page to learn more and RSVP.

Thank You Boston!


Buy The Rights at Boston FIG

Buy The Rights was selected as a showcase game for the 2015 Boston Festival of Indie Games and we just got back from showing our game to over 100 awesome people. Everyone was so great and we got such good feedback on the game.

None of us knew what to expect from the festival but we were all amazed at how well it went. We’re all looking forward to any excuses we’ll have to travel to other cities and have events to play Buy The Rights with more people.

Buy The Rights – Now with Dice!


Buy The Rights with Dice

I’m hard at work finalizing everything in time for the launch of Buy The Rights on Kickstarter, and I just received prototypes for a new idea I recently had: dice! In the instructions, I had a section about an optional mode that is fun to try, the Genre Showdown. In this mode, the Producer picks a genre card and the screenwriters all use the same genre for that round. It adds a fun twist to the game, but I never thought of a good way to trigger that mode.

Then I realized I could use a standard six-sided die and assign game modes to the sides to give people the option of introducing some random game modes into their games. In the current instructions I have optional dice rules that correspond to a standard die, but just for fun, I ordered some blank dice and stickers from Print Play Games and used icons from the game. If people respond positively to this addition, I’m going to make a stretch goal for my Kickstarter where the game would come with custom, etched dice.

Buy The Rights Selected as a Finalist in the Boston Festival of Indie Games!


Boston FIG

I got some exciting news yesterday. Buy The Rights made it past the first round of judging and is a finalist in the Boston Festival of Indie Games! The next step is to send them a prototype of the game, and if the judges select the game again, we’ll be heading to Boston in September! Buy The Rights was one of 55 games selected, out of hundreds that entered, so I’m honored!

In other news, I finally locked down a date and venue for the Kickstarter video, and it will be filming in a couple of days! It looks like the new launch date is June 15th, but more to come on that. Stay tuned!

The First Public Playtest


First Public Playtest

Progress on Buy The Rights continues, this time with a very important milestone for the game; our first public playtesting event. Last night we host the game night at Rocket 88 Doughnuts in Indianapolis and ran two tables of players for a few hours, and it went very well!

This was also the first time we got to play a 100% complete version of the game. We got the latest batch of prototype cards in from PrintPlayGames and it brought the total up to 400 cards for all three of our prototypes. One table had five players and the table I ran had six, and neither table ever had to shuffle a deck the whole time, and each game lasted at least 15 rounds.


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